Pumpkin Wars

If I thought the Northwestern vs. Nebraska game was the hottest competition in town I was entirely wrong. The even bigger match was between the town of Keane, NH and our little Highwood IL, to see which town could carve the most jack-o-lanterns.  Both villages compete each year to see who will surpass the Guinness world record. 

I live a stone’s throw from Highwood, where residents gutted, carved, and lit jack-o’-lanterns by the tens of thousands with the hope of surpassing their own Guinness world record of 30,919 set last year. They did it! With six blocks of lit pumpkins sitting upon rows of scaffolding, officials in the small northern suburb of Highwood believe they clinched the jack-o’-lantern world record Saturday night by lighting more than 31,000 carved pumpkins at one time. This year Keane NH fell short at 29,381.

Congrats Highwood!

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