Ready, Set, Shop

ImageWoodridge, Illinois.  Some shoppers will go a long way for a good deal. Especially when it’s the cake decorating and baking supplier giant’s tent sale.

Here’s what I found for $63.00 at the parking lot of the Wilton tent sale. What began as a sale of surplus items stacked on wooden pallets has, over 26 years, morphed into a massive bargain hunters paradise for Chicago-area foodies who want to stock up on baking supplies.  It’s a win-win situation: Wilton reduces inventory and test markets how new items will sell in the marketplace; we get 55% off on just about everything.Image

You can be pretty sure if you eat at my house there will be a chocolate pistachio baby Bundt whose name comes from the German word bund for “gathering,” so, a cake suitable for a gathering. Or, if it’s really nasty weather out my door and I have some time, you might find the Bundt’s more exotic cousin in a mini-loaf pan a bit more eventful.

photo from Wilton website

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