The Great American Doughnut

Here in the vast American heartland, donut culture survives.

In my frequent wanderings around Chicago as a self-proclaimed donut hound, I have found some darn good doughnuts at Do-Rite Donuts that are calorie for calorie a match for The Doughnut Vault, the shop that Food & Wine magazine decided is the best place in America to grab a doughnut.

Do-Rite is a tiny box of a store carved out of a corner of Petterino’s, one of the most wonderful Italian restaurants in the Loop. That this donut location is across the street from the courthouse has not hurt its sales, in fact, they say, it’s 90% of their business.

Why am I heading around the city in search of donuts goes back to a long-standing fantasy to open a donut shop in a ski resort. Skiers don’t care what they eat; mountain bikers in summer are hardly calorie counters as well.

Farm fresh, be damned. In the pantheon of classics in my store, the glazed twist, the churro, the beignet, the apple fritter, the cinnamon roll, the chocolate-glazed Long John and the buttermilk crunch will all happily co-exist.  Long live piping hot, fat and delicious sweet fried dough!!

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